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    The February 2020 edition of Fast Car magazine features Cobra Sport's Vauxhall Corsa E VXR Venom system being awarded 'Best Exhaust' in the 2019 'Fast Car Product Awards'.

    The simplified pipework of the Venom system which removes the usual rear box has been designed to create an unrivalled deep sporty sound which will set the Corsa E VXR ahead of the crowd. Sound testing of the finished Venom cat back exhaust system recorded an impressive 89.8dB (+11dB) on the sound meter during the 4000rpm circuit test with a sound track which becomes highly aggressive under load.

    In Fast Car's own words: "This new Venom stainless steel exhaust from Cobra is absolutely chuffing bonkers, and what with the E-shape VXR being one of THE hot hatches of the moment, we reckon these will simply fly out of the door."

    Fast Car magazine is available monthly from many major retail outlets.

    Be sure to take a look at some of the other performance exhaust products we offer for the Corsa E VXR by clicking here - Vauxhall Corsa E VXR Performance Exhausts by Cobra Sport



    The January 2020 edition of MEM (Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine) featured a write-up of the Cobra Sport brand amongst other businesses that have been awarded the coveted 'Made in Sheffield' mark. It also covered some of the manufacturing techniques that we use including TIG-welding and CNC mandrel tube bending.

    "Cobra Sport Exhausts was set up by brother and sister Pete Jarvis and Rachel Abbott in 2004 to continue the long family history in the trade.  Over the past 15 years, the duo have driven the business forward to become one of the UK’s leading performance exhaust manufacturers. With a global network of dealers, high-profile motorsport sponsorships, the team’s recent success in the British Touring Car Championship and a focus on new product development, the Cobra Sport brand has never been so strong.

    "When it comes to the manufacturing process, all performance exhaust systems are not the same. Aside from the differences in design and the type of materials used, one of the biggest factors that affects the quality of a performance exhaust is the welding. This is one area in which Cobra Sport is ahead of the game. Whereas many of our competitors use MIG-welding, our highly skilled technicians utilise superior TIG-welding techniques.

    It also has an article covering the Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire (Sheffield), of which our Managing Director, Rachel Abbott, is the Chairman of the Freeman's Committee

    The full magazine can be found online through the link below.

  • Jap Performance Magazine - Mazda MX-5 Hot Product (October 2019)

    The October 2019 edition of Japanese Performance magazine features the Cobra Sport quad tip performance exhaust for the Mk4 Mazda MX-5 (ND) as their main 'Hot Product' for the month.

    "Cobra Sport's quad-tip offering for the fourth-generation Mazda MX-5 is a prime example of this dedication to high quality fabrication resulting in improved output and upgraded styling. Constructed from 2.5in pipework and fit from the second catalyst back, this sexy stainless exhaust system dismisses the factory centre and rear sections and comes complete with all relevant fittings and gaskets. Available in resonated and non-resonated configurations, the T304 mandrel-bent stainless steel pipework is made using advanced manufacturing techniques and superior TIG welding procedures to deliver a superlative finish.

    "Independent power testing of the non-resonated system (with second de-cat pipe installed) revealed an increase of 17lb ft of torque with greatly improved power in the lower rev range."

    The  Japanese Performance magazine is available monthly from many major retail outlets.

    We offer a range of options for the Mk4 MX-5 including single, centre and dual exit cat back exhaust options. Find out more about our products for the Mk4 Mazda MX-5 on our product page here > Mazda MX-5 ND Performance Exhausts by Cobra Sport

  • Banzai Magazine - Tech Talk / Product Focus (September 2019)

    The September 2019 edition of the popular Banzai Japanese tuning magazine features a double page product focus taking a closer look at what goes into developing race proven Cobra Sport exhausts for road and motorsport use.

    Delving into the technical details of exhaust design and manufacture, the editor discovers more about how the exhausts for our front running Cobra Sport AmD with AutoAid/RCIB Racing British Touring Cars were designed and manufactured. The feature showcases Cobra Sport's expert exhaust craftsmanship and industry lead TIG welding manufacturing methods. Matched with ultra-resilient T304 stainless steel and mandrel bending, the TIG not MIG philosophy helps set Cobra Sport apart from many of their rivals.

    The magazine is available now from many retail outlets, find out more about our manufacturing techniques on the pages below.


    The August 2019 edition of Japanese Performance magazine included a feature of our new Carbon-Fibre Tailpipe option which is now available for many of our performance exhaust system applications.

    The tuner magazine praised the quality and the fit and finish of the new tailpipes, also commenting that we can retrofit them to vehicles that are currently fitted with a Cobra Sport system. They are also available for mail-order.

    "Having perfected the art of creating beautifully finished TIG-welded stainless steel exhaust systems delivering a thrilling sound and significant performance improvements, British performance exhaust manufacturer, Cobra Sport, has developed a range of brand new carbon-fibre tailpipes. These high-quality parts are made from the finest lightweight weave and feature a matt finish. As is the case with all Cobra Sport products, these cool carbon trim items are fully tested to ensure exemplary fit and finish. A stainless steel inner sleeve acts as a thermal barrier, but don't go thinking these tidy tailpipes are a cost option only available to buyers of new exhausts - Cobra Sport has revealed to us that its team of talented technicians are only too happy to retrofit these sporty parts to your car's existing pipework. Currently available applications include Mazda MX-5 NC, Nissan 350Z and Subaru WRX (2014+), with more models due to be added shortly."

    Japanese Performance is available from many major retail outlets.

    Our full selection of tailpipes applicable for your performance exhaust system is listed within the product description of the respective system. Please select your vehicle to see what we can offer you - Cobra Sport Vehicle Selector

  • Fast Car Magazine - Mini F56 LCI (Summer 2019)

    The summer edition of Fast Car magazine includes a feature in the fresh kit section featuring the new Cobra Sport F56 LCI Mini GPF-Back performance exhausts.

    "If you're bang into your BMW MINs, you'll know that last year new government regulations forced them to fit an all-new GPF (Gasoline Particulate Filter) for emissions. There is some good news though (and even more on the horizon), because Cobra Sport have been rapid in developing a new 3-inch exhaust to slot perfectly on the back of GPF-equipped models for optimum flow, without tripping that pesky engine light".

    Cobra Sport spent weeks perfecting the sound of this TIG welded T304 stainless steel exhaust, making the sound not only sporty and aggressive, but without the risk of any motorway drone. Cat back and downpipes for the F56 LCI are on the horizon once tuning companies begin to offer tuning software for the ECU.

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