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  • Cobra Sport & MAS - The Manufacturing Challange


    Our work with MAS has hit the headlines again.  In this press release Rachel Jarvis (Managing Director at Cobra Sport) discusses the benefits we have experienced "We first approached MAS (Manufacturing Advisory Service) over 5 years ago when we won an order to supply exhausts to Subaru UK dealerships. It was a great thrill to get the contract but we quickly realised that we would have to gear up for an increase in our production facilities. The expertise MAS provided at the time, including the implementation of a new dedicated production line for volume manufacturing, along with the introduction of 5S was invaluable. Our people have enthusiastically taken on board the changes which have been introduced.Everything is much more organised and departments now work together more effectively which has resulted in the whole process running much more smoothly, from the orders been taken all the way through to the final delivery."


  • Fast Ford Magazine - Fiesta ST180 Learns new tricks

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    Matthew Coates brand new fiesta ST180 has been used as a development tool by many tuning firms allowing him to have fun on the road and on the track... His first trip was straight down to Cobra Sport for a 3" turbo back exhaust with sports cat and stage 2 re-map which enabled the car to hit an amazing 256 bhp and 273lb/ft torque.

    Matthew beams "My car has embarrassed a lot of cars including a 320bhp Astra VXR, a Mk2 Focus RS and a tuned Honda Civic to name but a few." It is true to say that these powerhouses are more than capable of out running an ST in a straight line , but Matthew's lightened ST was able to capitalise on the difficulties that they had manoeuvring around corners at speed.

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  • Cobra Sports New Promotional Video

    promo_emailCobra Sport has just released a brand new promotional video  on there website. The Video includes the Mighty Nissan 370Z and shows some of the rigorous  manufacturing processes around the Cobra Sport factory. This video footage was taken while the research and development team had their hands on the 370Z and within this time the team had developed the Nissan 370Z cat back system and the de-cat sections and sports catalyst sections for both the Nissan 350Z and 370Z models.  (Just click the image to watch). 

  • Total BMW Magazine - BMW M1 V8 with Cobra Sport Exhaust

    june-2013-bmwQuarry Motors is a highly respected BMW specialist in the Yorkshire region, they have been spending time on their latest project which is a BMW 1 Series Coupe with the V8 engine from the BMW M3 E92. I'm sure this modified 1 series would make the actual M1 go and cry in a corner in a race.

    Ashley from Quarry Motors approached Cobra Sport to create an exhaust that would increase power and deliver a sound that would make the windows shake, but at the same time not want to attract unnecessary attention from the police. Yes that is a hard task to overcome...

    After discussing many options with Ashley everyone decided on dual independent exhaust systems, with a switch in the cockpit that can be pressed to allow the running of a loud or quiet system depending on what the mood takes you.

    Needless to say the 'best-of-both-worlds' project was completed and featured in the Total BMW magazine.

  • Japanese Performance Magazine - Toyota GT86 Feature

    Full feature in this well known magazine describing the development process behind this new system.

    "Prior to developing the new exhaust Cobra Sports engineers analysed the OE exhaust together with an initial power test run , to determine where improvements could be made to enhance the personality of the car . After thorough testing , it was identified that the first improvement would be to increase the bore size of the system by 18% from the vehicle manufacturer's original specification of 53.8mm.

    Fabricating the exhaust involved mandrel bending the stainless steel tubes to ensure a superior finish. Independent testing has proved that Cora Sport GT86 primary cat back system,working in conjunction with the AEM induction kit, reduces back pressure allowing the car to breathe more efficiently and boosts performance from an initial 196.5 bhp to a genuine 207.5 bhp, whilst also benefiting from a 27% reduction in weight when compared to the OE exhaust."

    For further details see our product pages.




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