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  • Coming Soon - Mini (F56) Cooper S 2.0 Turbo (incl 2018 LCI model)

    Cobra Sport Mini Cooper S F56 Exhaust DevelopmentThe Cobra Sport development team have today taken delivery of a 2018 Facelift F56 LCI Mini Cooper S to begin our exacting performance exhaust development process.

    The team will be developing a range of exhaust upgrades to ensure fitment for the both the 2014 onwards pre-facelift F56 model and the latest F56 LCI facelift model with gasoline particulate filter.

    The new Cobra Sport exhaust range will utilise free flowing mandrel bent true 3" stainless steel pipework which will be fully TIG welded for superior flow, strength and visual appeal. Increased power is a major part of the development plan and the 3" pipework will provide maximum gas flow to enable tuning partners to make the most of the 2 litre engine.

    Upon completion of the development process, the new Cobra Sport exhaust range will be available in a number of configurations to meet the needs of all enthusiasts. For the pre-facelift F56, buyers will have the choice of a cat back exhaust and full sports cat / de-cat turbo back exhaust upgrade (with an optional remote operated valve). For the 2018 F56 LCI model, a GPF back exhaust will be available initially followed by a GPF delete and matching sports cat / de cat downpipes once the tuning software becomes available.

    The Cobra Sport Exhaust range will be available with a choice of 3.5" tailpipe designs and finishes. Perfectly in keeping with the Mini Cooper design ethos will be the option for a Carbon Fibre tailpipe upgrade.

    Full product details will be announced throughout the full 4 week development. Keep an eye on social media channels for updates, sound clips and details of product testing at one of the UK's leading Mini tuning specialists.

  • Available Now - Mk8 Ford Fiesta ST 1.5 200PS Performance Exhausts

    The Cobra Sport development team took delivery of the Mk8 Fiesta ST soon after its UK release keen to begin development on an exciting new range of Performance Exhaust upgrades. We teamed up with our distributor Auto Specialists for this development and utilised their new demo Fiesta ST which already had the newAirtec induction kit fitted.

    The Mk8 Fiesta ST is fitted with a brand new 1.5-litre three-cylinder turbocharged EcoBoost engine putting out 197bhp capable of a quick 0-62 time of 6.5 seconds. The new exhaust systems will be initially available in Gasoline Particulate Filter (GPF) Back configuration and includes the motorised exhaust valve.

    Ford Fiesta ST Mk8 Cobra Sport Performance ExhaustThe bore size of the Cobra Sport exhaust range has been increased to 3” (76.2mm), which is unique in the market providing the greatest upgrade in terms of performance, flow rate and sound levels.

    In order to keep the use of the drive select modes, the Cobra Sport exhaust range has been designed with the inclusion of the active valve to help regulate exhaust tone at low speeds and keep the tone differences between drive modes.

    Matt Thomas, Sales Manager at Cobra Sport says “The new 1.5 Litre EcoBoost engine is unknown in the market so we were keen to immediately improve the sound produced by the 3 cylinder engine. Our development team worked hard to ensure the 3” pipework was a perfect fit as we felt Fiesta owners would be looking to upgrade to a full 3” performance exhaust once the tuning capabilities of the engine are explored further by our extensive dealer network. Templates and preliminary drawings have been produced to enable us to create the full turbo back (with de-cat/sports cat downpipes) and GPF delete exhaust options once the tuning software becomes available in the coming months“.

    The Cobra Sport Mk8 Fiesta ST exhausts are finished with twin 3.5” (88.9nn) highly polished stainless steel or ceramic black slash cut tailpipes engraved with the Cobra Sport logo.

    As with all Cobra exhaust developments, power increases, sound improvements and manufacturing quality are top of the priority list during development. Superior TIG welding techniques during the manufacturing process set the Cobra Sport exhausts apart from the competition. The levels of quality achieved enables us to offer a lifetime guarantee on all exhaust systems which provides the ultimate peace of mind for the customer.

    View full product information and video clips on our product page - Mk8 Ford Fiesta ST Performance Exhausts

  • Available Now - Mk8 Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost ST Line Performance Exhausts

    Mk8-Ford-Fiesta-EcoBoost-CobraExhaustsThe all new Mk8 Ford Fiesta ST-Line 1.0 EcoBoost 100PS shares many similarities with the Mk7 Fiesta but has a more refined feel with a luxurious interior and a brilliant new chassis which perfectly compliments the strong EcoBoost engine. Fitted with the efficient but sporty 1.0 turbo engine, the Mk8 ST-Line Fiesta is sure to be a big hit with a range of buyers looking for low cost motoring with a sporty edge covering all driving situations with ease.

    Following on from the success of the top selling Cobra Sport Exhaust range for the Mk7 Fiesta EcoBoost, the Cobra Sport team were keen to take delivery of the Mk8 ST-Line to add the same sound and power upgrade to the punchy 1 litre EcoBoost engine. The Cobra Sport team have worked their magic on the new Fiesta creating a highly improved refined sound track whilst also opening incredible tuning possibilities.

    Mk8 Fiesta EcoBoost ST-Line ExhaustCobra Sport have catered for all sound tastes and tuning requirements for the Mk8 by creating a range of exhaust systems to fit from the Catalytic Converter backwards along with the option to upgrade the turbo downpipe to either a de-cat or high flow sports catalyst downpipe. The cat backs are available with a resonated or non resonated section allowing those looking for some extra drama to opt for louder non resonated exhaust and those seeking a more subtle enhancement to go with the resonated option. The stand OE exhaust system recorded 74.9dB on the static 4,000rpm track test, the resonated Cobra Sport exhaust option increased sound levels by +8% to record 81.5dB. The non resonated cat back option goes a stage further producing a much sportier dynamic sound track when under full acceleration.

    Matt Thomas, Sales Manager at Cobra Sport says “We’ve been really impressed with the new Fiesta releases and the 1.0 litre EcoBoost engine has a great mix of performance and efficiency. The 2.5” pipework utilised by the Cobra Exhausts completely changes the dynamic of the car offering an impressive improvement in sound particularly when put under load giving the car a really sporty edge. Our tuning partners had great success with the Mk7 EcoBoost Fiesta releasing packages easily upgrading the power to 175bhp with the help of the Cobra Sport exhausts and we expect similarly impressive results with the Mk8“.

    The Cobra Sport Mk8 Fiesta ST-Line exhausts are finished with choice of single tip 4” (101.6mm) highly polished stainless steel or ceramic black slash cut tailpipes engraved with the Cobra Sport logo.

    Full exhaust information over on our product pages > Mk8 Ford Fiesta EcoBoost ST-Line Exhausts

  • Available Now - Subaru WRX STI 2014> Performance Exhausts

    Cobra Sport performance exhausts enhance the sound, looks and quality of your vehicle giving you the ultimate driving experience. Our sports exhausts range is fully guaranteed to give you assurance of the Cobra Sport manufacturing quality.

    We were keen to complete our exhaust range for the Subaru Impreza having built up an unrivalled reputation for manufacturing quality and performance with Subaru tuners within the UK and Worldwide. When the FE400 final edition model was announced we quickly sourced a vehicle to develop a group of exhaust systems to complete our expansive Subaru exhaust range which are now available in a number of configurations to cover all buyer needs and requirements.


    Improving and unleashing the trademark Subaru boxer engine sounds was high on the priority list during development along with improving the gas flows. The decision was made to base our development for the final Subaru WRX STI on large bore 3"/76.2mm pipework (a significant increase over standard) for increased gas flow opening up the opportunities for power gains for our worldwide tuning partners.

    Weight saving was also high on the priority list and we were able to save 4kg (15%) on the overall system weight for the non resonated turbo back exhaust with sports cat even with the much larger bore size of the Cobra Sport exhaust.

    The new Cobra Sport performance exhaust systems for the Subaru WRX STI offer the best of both worlds producing a deeper exhaust tone than standard which becomes highly aggressive and communicative when under full load completely overhauling the driving experience.

    Cobra Sport’s Sales Manager, Matt Thomas, explains "It's sad to see a final edition Subaru WRX STI having spent so many years developing and tuning these stunning vehicles. We're confident that we have done the WRX proud with our final product release for the Impreza range giving the car the trademark Cobra Sport sound upgrade to make the most of the unique raw sound of the boxer engine. The resonated turbo back exhaust with sports cat proved to be a popular upgrade during testing recording 97.1dB on the static 4,000 which is +16dB over the smaller bore standard exhaust system".

    View the full range on our products page here > Cobra Sport Subaru WRX STI Performance Exhausts


  • Available Now - Ford Mustang GT V8 Performance Exhausts

    Ford Mustang GT V8 Cobra ExhaustProducing a highly improved aggressive muscle car tone matched with remarkable weight savings and quality manufacturing, the Cobra Sport Exhaust range for the Mustang GT hits all of the right notes for muscle car enthusiasts.

    The Cobra Sport exhausts for the Mustang GT have been developed in a variety of configurations for those looking for the ultimate exhaust upgrade. All of the new Mustang GT exhausts have been developed utilising 2.5" (63.5mm) mandrel bent T304 stainless steel pipework, advanced manufacturing techniques and superior TIG welding procedures produce a superlative finish. As the catalysts are left in place, all exhaust configurations will allow the vehicle to pass the MOT emissions test. Through innovative exhaust design, the Cobra exhaust produce an aggressive sound when under load without being raspy, the interior cabin sound levels have been carefully managed to eliminate cabin drone.

    Unique to the Cobra Sport range is the Venom Cat Back exhaust which consisting of a H-Pipe, link pipes and pipework to the rear with the silencers removed for the purest V8 exhaust sound. Recording a ferocious 108.5dB on the static 4,000rpm sound test, this exhaust is one of the loudest on the market whilst skilfully retaining a pitch perfect tone. This cat back exhaust configuration offers an impressive 38% weight saving reducing the exhaust weight by 12.35kg over standard system.

    Cobra Mustang GT Cat Back Performance ExhaustAll of the exhaust systems are available with a choice of tailpipe designs in a 4” (101.6mm) style to fit perfectly within the Mustang rear diffuser. The inward rolled and inverted slash cut designs are available in a highly polished stainless steel or with a ‘Blackout’ ceramic coated black finish.

    Cobra Sport Sales Manager Matt Thomas commented "The Mustang GT has been our radar for some time and we’re delighted to now offer a range of exhaust for this model with an upgrade configuration to suit all needs within the Mustang tuning community. While carrying out the road tests on this vehicle the cat back with H-Pipe and rear boxes stood out adding a beautifully deep V8 muscle car tone to the car whilst still remaining comfortable in the cabin. The sound level of this configuration peaked at a sporty 92dB adding 12dB over the standard exhaust”.

    Find our more on our product listings > Ford Mustang GT 5.0 V8 Cobra Exhausts

  • Available Now - BMW 420D (F36 Gran Coupe) Dual Exit Exhaust

    BMW 420D Gran Coupe (2015 on) Dual Exit ExhaustCobra Sport has added the BMW 420D Gran Coupe to their ever popular range of dual exit exhaust conversions with the launch of a BMW 440i style dual exit exhaust system.

    For those seeking to achieve the more aggressive and sporty look of the 440i to the rear end of their 420D, Cobra Sport now offer a dual exit cosmetic exhaust upgrade which makes a bold statement.

    Designed to fit the 2015 > Gran Coupe (F36 & F36 LCI) B57 Engine, this exhaust system fits neatly with the M-Sport rear bumper and the 440i M-Sport dual exit lower rear panel (available separately). Once fitted, the new Cobra Sport 420D exhaust system and replacement body panels look entirely at home on the car and gives the 420D a much sportier edge.

    Matt Thomas, Cobra Sport’s Sales Manager says “We’ve seen a growing trend of people wanting to achieve the look of the more recognisable 440i’s dual exit exhaust on the more economical diesel model, our dual exit exhaust conversion allows them to achieve the look with this fantastic cosmetic upgrade”.

    The new dual exit exhaust for the 420D is finished with a choice of round 3.5” (88.9mm) highly polished T304 stainless steel tailpipes which further enhance the appearance the car and perfectly match the styling of the popular BMW M-Sport models.

    Find our more on our product listings > BMW 420D (2015>) F36 / F36 LCI Gran Coupe Dual Exit Exhaust Conversions

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