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  • May - Audi TTS with Awesome power results.

    Audi_TTS_Sports_Exhaust_fitted-7 Delivering an even harder performance edge to Audi's brilliant TTS is the new Cobra Sport performance exhaust delivering a staggering 23% & 26% increase in power and torque respectively. Cobra Sport’s testing showed that the standard OE system produced a more than healthy 269 bhp. However, with the Cobra Sport Turbo Back System with de-cat, including the mandatory re-map, the figure increases to 331 bhp giving a massive 23% gain in bhp. Similarly, torque increases were even higher with a 26% gain. Good old fashioned pat on the back for this one...

  • April - 370Z gets the full treatment

    nissan_370z_sports_exhaust_NZ17 copyCobra Sport have just released a brand new promotional video on their website. The video features the mighty Nissan 370Z and shows some of the rigorous manufacturing processes found around the Cobra Sport factory. This video footage was taken while the research and development team had their hands on the 370Z. Within this time the team developed the Nissan 370Z cat back exhaust system, the de-cat sections and sports catalyst sections for both the Nissan 350Z and 370Z models.

  • April - Audi TT has a makeover

    IMG_1928Cobra Sport Exhausts have just released a quad exit exhaust conversion for the Audi TT TFSI. Your Audi TT will now not only look more stylish, but this conversion will release more power and allow a unique sporty sound. This exhaust is available in a Cat Back or Turbo Back form and due to popular demand we have also added the 'Black Tailpipe' option to the available tailpipe range. For more details and sound clips on this conversion please visit our website on the link below.

  • March - VW Golf R out of development

    EUK 4 copyCobra Sport could not wait to unveil it new 3" turbo back system for the famous VW Golf R. Delivering staggering results from this engine and gaining a 26% in weight reduction from the original exhaust. They are very satisfied with the final results. The exhaust really has transformed the engine and overall driving experience on this car, they also state that it is highly recommend for people to listen to the video clip to appreciate the attention to detail and great lengths Cobra Sport go to when they put a car through their R&D program. Another good-looking, quality system from the steel city factory based in Sheffield.

  • January - BMW 320D (E92) Coupe Dual Upgrade


    Cobra Sport have now included the BMW 320D E92 Coupe to their ever popular range of dual exit conversions. Designed specially for those who seek to achieve a more aggressive and sporty look to the rear end but without upgrading to the full 335 model itself, Cobra Sport now offer a rear box section which makes a bold statement on this BMW model.

    Available separately to complement the system is a rear bumper panel in which the dual exit exhaust neatly sits into, nobody would ever know that the upgrade had been made, as it looks entirely at home on the 320D features and fits the body line perfectly. This cosmetic upgrade is available as a rear box exhaust conversion and can be purchased with the original equipment BMW dual exit rear panel to complete the transformation.

  • August - Tailored Cobra Sport approach to the Astra J VXR

    Experience significant power and torque increases matched by excellent design in the new Astra J VXR exhaust systems manufactured by Cobra Sport in Sheffield.

    august-2013-vxrPrecision power, matched by stunning looks and inspirational sound is the Cobra Sport promise for Vauxhall’s sensational VXR.

    A totally engineered performance exhaust designed and manufactured to uncompromising standards of quality and excellence brings a totally involving driving experience on both road and track.

    Compared with the standard VXR factory-fit exhaust, the Cobra Sport exhaust system delivers stunning performance gains throughout the Astra J VXR range. After our recent tests, the new installation of the Astra J VXR Cat-Back exhaust system resulted in a power increase from 264 bhp to 280.5 bhp with the engine torque figure showing a significant 23% increase from 256 ft per lb/347 Nm to 315 ft per lb/ 427 Nm. The weight of the finished exhaust system is a serious consideration in development of the performance exhaust range for the VXR, the Cobra Sport De-Cat Back system has a final weight of just 24.14 kg, this is a substantial 21% weight saving when compared to the OE Astra VXR system’s 30.58 kg. As with any Cobra Sport exhaust a great sound comes as standard, the unbelievable resonated sound of the Cobra system is pitch perfect. Behind the wheel, under load, part throttle or idle the volume on the Cobra Sport exhaust system is only marginally higher than a standard exhaust but comes with a unique and improved base sound, on full load the Cobra system really comes to life! This system comes with Cobra Sport’s own unique tailpipe which is designed to fit neatly within the Astra J VXR’s showcase rear diffuser.

    The full range of exhaust options for is available to view over in the Astra J VXR exhaust category >

    The Astra J VXR exhaust system is available in the following configurations:

    Vauxhall Astra VXR J Exhaust Components: Bore Size:
    1st front pipe & sports cat section 3”/76.2mm
    1st front pipe & de-cat section 3”/76.2mm
    2nd front pipe / 2nd de-cat 3”/76.2mm
    Cat back system non-resonated 3”/76.2mm
    Cat back system resonated 3”/76.2mm
    Turbo back system sports/cat resonated 3”/76.2mm
    Turbo back system sports/cat non-resonated 3”/76.2mm
    Turbo back system de-cat resonated 3”/76.2mm
    Turbo back system de-cat non- resonated 3”/76.2mm

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