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  • April - Re-design of the Mighty M3 Exhaust

    april-2013-bmw-m3At the Cobra Sport factory the mighty M3 (E92) has had a complete design overhaul.

    Firstly, The Cobra Sport R&D team wanted to give the exhaust a new look by providing tailpipes options of both 3" and 3.5", in both the new matt black style or the usual clean cut polished look. Then concentrated on the design of the silencer, both the internals and the overall look from the rear end of the car, while increasing  the pipework diameter to 2.5" (63.5mm). This proved to be a challenge as this BMW V8 engine has some serious bass to overcome with the exhaust, the main objective was to eliminate the nasty drone at motorway speeds, while trying to release the right amount of V8 sound when being opened up.  After spending many days on this project (and losing a little more hair in the interim!), they did achieve what was set out to be accomplished and the results are amazing...

    Have a listen to this exhaust in the products section and tell us what you think...

  • July – Nissan GTR System is Ready for the Track

    july2012-nissan-gtrBrand new out of its development program is the performance exhaust to fit the iconic Nissan R35 GTR. This exhaust has been designed with three main factors in mind, power, weight and sound!

    Cobra Sport's engineers started with boosting the pipework size up to 3" bore and then designed a more free flowing box  when compared to the original OE layout, combining these changes with using much lighter materials made the new exhaust a force to be reckoned with.

    We highly recommend listening to the sound clip of this exhaust in the products section.

  • June – Corsa Nurburgring 3" System is Released

    june-2012-nurbAt last, Cobra Sport has released the long awaited Nurburgring edition exhaust for the Vauxhall Corsa VXR in a 3" bore which is aimed at the people who like to run big horse power under the bonnet.

    This system is available in a 2.5" (63mm) or 3" (76mm) bore size and comes with sports catalyst or de cat options, and all usual resonated or non-resonated centre sections which make the exhaust louder or quieter depending on your own criteria.

    See the product information for further details.

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