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VW Scirocco R 2009-16

VW Scirocco R 2009-16

VW Scirocco R Sports Exhaust

Volkswagen Scirocco R Performance Exhausts

Our range of sports exhausts for the VW Scirocco R have been developed utilising 3"/76.2mm bore stainless steel pipework in order to gain the best results for both increases in power whilst creating an incredibly vibrant sound. Our popular cat back exhausts for the 2.0 TSI Scirocco R are available with resonated or louder non resonated centre section. These system can be combined with our range of aftermarket front down pipes with the option for either a high flow sports catalyst or de-cat section. To complete our range for the VW Scirocco R we have the highly popular Cobra Sport Venom Exhaust for the high powered Scirocco R, this exhaust is available in both cat back and turbo back configuration and does not have a rear silencer to produce the ultimate Scirocco R performance exhaust sound upgrade.

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