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Technical Insights


Manufacturing Information

Quality Manufacturing -

Cobra Sport brings four decades of innovative design and unparalleled manufacturing expertise to their range of performance exhausts that match the aspirations of the most demanding driver. Engineered to the highest tolerances with Mandrel tube bending to ensure a smooth unrestricted airflow, advanced manufacturing techniques and superior TIG welding procedures produce a superlative finish, while total precision and extensive testing ensures a perfect first-time fit and a truly pitch-perfect sound.

Testimonial -

“Subaru UK have been working closely with Exhausts UK since 2009 to develop a wide range of high quality stainless steel exhausts systems for the Subaru vehicle range.

From the very outset of the exhausts development process it was apparent that Cobra Sport Exhausts has a wealth of knowledge, expertise combined with high quality workmanship in stainless steel exhausts and their warranty back-up supports their product fully.”

Kevin Mitchell
Parts Operations Manager Business Development
Subaru UK

Back Box Construction -

Cobra Sport back boxes are filled with continuous E-Glass fibres. These fibres are able to withstand severe thermal shock remaining stable in arduous environments. E-Glass fibres have excellent heat and sound absorption properties along with the ability to recover from extreme compression, offer excellent acoustic properties and remain stable at high temperatures in excess of 850 Deg C making them ideal for use in performance exhaust systems.

Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding is used on all Cobra Sport exhaust systems giving a superior finish to MIG welding and the highest quality exhaust welds available on the market. The TIG welding on the back boxes and pipework produces a very precise weld leaving no splatter and extremely neat edges.


Exhaust Terminology

Turbo-back Exhaust

This is the part of the exhaust system from the outlet of a turbocharger to the final vent to open air.

Cat-Back Exhausts

This is the part of the exhaust system from the outlet of a catalytic converter to the final vent to open air.

Rear Exhaust

(Back box / Rear Muffler)
This is the part of the exhaust system from the outlet of a centre section to the final vent to open air.

Exhaust Silencers

(Box / Muffler)
This is the part of the exhaust system that is usually positioned at the rear of the exhaust and can be known as the “volume box” this allows the manufacturer to determine the final volume of the exhaust, usually the bigger the box the more silent the exhaust.

Exhaust Resonator

(Silencer / Box / Muffler)
This is the smaller cylindrical box usually positioned towards the front / middle of the vehicle that removes the resonation sound that the engine produces, this box can be removed for a louder sound to the exhaust but can leave cabin drone a problem at motorway speeds for some people.


(Tips / Exhaust End)
This is the final stage of the exhaust gasses before it reaches normal air conditions, size and style of this part has little effect on volume, sound or power. Style is the main focus.


(Flex section / Flex)
One benefit of exhaust flex pipe is that it can reduce vibrations transmitted from the engine and exhaust into the chassis, which in turn can be felt by the occupants of the car. The flex pipe is used to connect rigid lengths of exhaust pipe, and the fact that it can flex and move reduces these undesirable vibrations.

Lambda Sensor

(Oxygen sensor)
This device helps to reduce carbon emissions. This monitors the percentage of oxygen present in exhaust gases and transmits information to the engine management system or electronic control unit (ECU).

Sports Cats

(Catalyst / Catalytic Converter / Cat)
All modern petrol car exhausts manufactured from 1993 are fitted with a catalytic converter and require one to enable the vehicle to be legal on the road. Cats contain precious metals and reduce harmful emissions of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere. The catalytic converter works when it reaches its optimum working temperature, and converts the gases into water vapour and less harmful gases.

The difference between a standard cat and sports cat is that sports cats allow more gasses to pass through, while still allowing the same emission results.


(Catless / de-cat pipe)
Removing a catalytic converter by fitting a de-cat pipe can slightly improve your vehicles performance compared to using a sports cat, however it is illegal to drive on the roads with a de-cat pipe fitted (designed for race / track use only).


Tailpipe Information

Ceramic Coated Tailpipes

Cobra Sport ‘Blackout’ ceramic coated tailpipes are finished with a robust, sealed and easily maintained matt black finish. The ceramic coating provides an attractive yet practical finish, which is both tough and extremely durable. This ceramic coating is ideally suited to tailpipes as it is extremely hard wearing along with being highly resistant to stone chips and other forms of impact damage. The ceramic coating on the ‘Blackout’ tailpipe range is a step forward in quality, being far superior to any similar power coated paint finish. Ceramic coating is now standard for high performance applications including Formula 1 and military jet aircraft.

The ceramic coat is made from near pure solid ceramic material. This is then melted and sprayed directly onto the tailpipe at extremely high temperatures. The extremely strong coating is formed when the molten ceramic material hits the cold tailpipe instantly forming an extremely strong bond creating one of the strongest coatings available on the market. The strong ceramic coating protects the underlying stainless steel of the tailpipe whilst also creating the unique ‘Blackout’ style finish.

The Ceramic Coating is designed to withstand the high temperatures created by the hot exhaust gases and will provide a strong thermal barrier to act as a shield protecting the surrounding car bodywork and trims.

Along with the heat shielding qualities the high heat resistant ceramic coating is also resistant to corrosion and staining. The protective coating forms a barrier allowing you to easily keep the tailpipes clean and provides protection from everyday use of the car.

Highly Polished T304 Tailpipes

The Cobra Sport tailpipe options are specifically chosen to complement and improve the aesthetics of the car. These highly polished tailpipes are designed to perfectly match and enhance the vehicle. All tailpipes are manufactured in highly polished T304 Grade Stainless Steel creating a stunning finish to any Cobra Sport performance exhaust system.

Through normal use of the vehicle the tailpipes will suffer from discolouration. It is important to make sure to clean the tailpipes regularly to remain the highly reflective finish. Our highly polished tailpipes are manufactured with the finest quality materials enabling them able to withstand degradation throughout the lifetime of the exhaust.

We recommend the use of Autosol Metal Polish which will allow you to restore the tailpipes to the new glossy showroom look, even if they have not been cleaned regularly.