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Cat Back Exhaust (Resonated)

Part number: TY11

Toyota GT86 Performance Exhaust


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Cobra Sport exhausts systems come with a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser, giving you ultimate peace of mind.

All Cobra Sport exhausts are manufactured in the UK from certified grade 304 stainless steel and TIG welded for a superior quality finish.

EML lights may activate after removing the standard O/E catalyst. An ECU Re-map is recommended to correct this problem and stabilise all power increases.

The product images shown are for illustration purposes only and due to product enhancement may not be an exact representation of the product.

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Product Description


Cobra Sport performance exhausts enhance the sound, looks and quality of your vehicle giving you the ultimate driving experience. Our sports exhausts range is fully guaranteed to give you assurance of our quality.

This Toyota GT86 performance exhaust is made in 2.5"/63.5mm pipework and fits from the catalytic converter section backwards (Cat-back) these exhausts replace the centre and rear sections.

This resonated exhaust includes the centre silencer and has a subtle but sporty tone. This exhaust however, is also available as a non-resonated version (excluding the centre silencer) which is a louder option.

All relevant fittings and gaskets are supplied.

Please Note:- Some of the fitted exhaust images may show the non-resonated version.

Cobra Sport Product Review

Working closely with one of the UK’s major tuning houses, Cobra Sport have developed a performance system for the iconic GT86/BRZ.

Cobra Sport bring over 40 years of experience to the design and engineering of quality, performance orientated exhaust systems. Matt Thomas, Cobra Sport’s Sales Manager explains the improvements achieved. Independent testing shows that the primary cat-back system boosts performance from an initial 196.5bhp to a genuine 207.5bhp when working in conjunction with a AEM forced air induction filter. The bore size is increased by 18% to 63.5mm and the system benefits from a 27% reduction in weight when compared to the OE system. The system is available in both resonated and non-resonated options allowing the driver to tailor the sound to their preference, with the non-resonated option providing a venomous sound which offers a more involved driving experience. The system is finished with either round or slash cut tailpipes in a matte black or stainless steel finish, each with a 4½”/114.3mm diameter which compliments the rear valance.

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Example of Toyota GT86 sports exhaust (de-cat pipe & cat back exhaust - non-resonated).

Example of Toyota GT86 sports exhaust (de-cat pipe & cat back exhaust - non-resonated).

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Example of Toyota GT86 sports exhaust (cat back exhaust - non-resonated) - comparison with standard system.

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Fantastic SystemReview by Chris Kilworth
Fantastic system on my GT86 and great service too! (Posted on 23/07/2018)
This is awesome! Review by Stephen
Just left Cobra Exhausts with my new Cat Back System (Resonated) on my Toyota GT86. As I'm sat at the traffic lights the smell of new hot steel is intoxicating & as I move away from the lights there is no drone but a pleasant hum. I pull away & move to 2nd I floor it & the hum becomes a " Waaaaarah" & I am pushed into my seat, then 3rd "Waaaaaaaaaarah" the pick up & acceleration is noticeably quicker. Cruising at 70 mph the hum is just audible as well as the road & tyre noise. I arrive home, get out & I hear the exhaust system cooling "Tick.....Tick.....Tick!" This is awesome! Many thanks to Matt & the team (Posted on 10/11/2016)

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