Coming Soon - VW Polo MK6 (AW) GTI 2.0 TSI Performance Exhausts

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The latest variant of VW's Polo GTI was launched in 2018, based on the latest Mk6 (AW) shape Polo. It sports the same basic engine as VW's own Golf GTI, an EA888 2.0 TSI, albeit in a different state of tune, boasting 197hp and 236lb ft. These punchy figures bring the Polo's 0-62MPH time down to 6.7 seconds (when equipped with the optional Performance Package), a mere 0.2 seconds off of it's Golf stable mate's, at 6.5 seconds. As was the way with the 6R shape Polo GTI that preceded it by two generations, the new model is once again available exclusively with VW's excellent DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox) dual-clutch automatic gearbox. This is no bad thing however, as the gearshifts are cut down to mere fractions of a second, and fuel economy is boosted to over 40MPG, an astonishing figure for a vehicle with such performance credentials. A manual variant is however expected in the coming months, should that be your preference.

In a road test with automotive magazine 'AutoCar', journalists noted how the Polo GTI's standard exhaust note is 'uniformly flat, muted and slightly nasally' and the 'report from its twin-tip exhaust does nothing to encourage you, the driver, to hold onto gears'. 

Sheffield-based Performance Exhaust manufacturer: Cobra Sport is aiming to rectify this in the form of a range of all new stainless steel exhaust products for the upmarket hot hatch. Cobra is in the development stage of creating all new GPF-Back, Cat-Back, and even Turbo-Back Performance Exhaust systems, which comprise of a Cat-back system mated to a De-Cat or Sports Cat downpipe.

If you currently own a VW Polo Mk6 (AW) GTI 2.0 TSI and are interested in having a Cobra Sport system fitted to your car, please contact our sales team on 0114 244 7123.

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