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Cat Back Exhaust (Resonated)

Part number: MZ15

Mazda MX-5 (ND) Performance Exhaust

Fits: 1.5 & 2.0 Litre models from 2015 onwards

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Cobra Sport exhausts systems come with a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser, giving you ultimate peace of mind.

All Cobra Sport exhausts are manufactured in the UK from certified grade 304 stainless steel and TIG welded for a superior quality finish.

EML lights may activate after removing the standard O/E catalyst. An ECU Re-map is recommended to correct this problem and stabilise all power increases.

The product images shown are for illustration purposes only and due to product enhancement may not be an exact representation of the product.

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Product Description


Cobra Sport performance exhausts enhance the sound, looks and quality of your vehicle giving you the ultimate driving experience. Our sports exhausts range is fully guaranteed to give you assurance of our quality.

This Mk4 Mazda MX-5 (ND) performance exhaust is made in 2.5"/63.5mm pipework and fit from the second catalytic converter section backwards (Cat-back) these exhausts replace the centre and rear sections.

This resonated exhaust includes the centre silencer and has a subtle but sporty tone. This exhaust however, is also available as a non-resonated version (excluding the centre silencer) which is a louder option.

All relevant fittings and gaskets are supplied.


The Cobra Sport exhausts for the MX-5 have been developed in a variety of configurations for those looking to upgrade the aesthetics of the Mazda MX-5. These options include a direct replacement exhaust with single tailpipe to one side along with dual and centre exit exhaust conversions. The new dual and centre exit exhaust systems have been designed to be fitted in conjunction with an aftermarket lower rear panel (available separately) creating a re-designed sportier look to the rear of the car. All of the Cobra Sport exhausts have been developed using 2.5" (63.5mm) mandrel bent T304 stainless steel pipework, advanced manufacturing techniques and superior TIG welding procedures produce a superlative finish.

Independent power testing of the non resonated dual exit exhaust with second de-cat pipe revealed an impressive +7.4 lb-ft gain in torque with greatly improved power and torque curves in the lower rev range. Cobra Sport Sales Manager Matt Thomas commented "We're very excited about the release of our new exhaust range for the latest Mazda MX-5 having had extensive success with the previous MX-5 models. The unique ability to easily improve the looks and sound of the MX-5 with our Centre and Dual Exit exhaust has generated considerable interest from our worldwide tuning partners. As with all Cobra Sport exhausts, the new systems have been designed to improve the sound with an increase in volume whilst still having a perfectly balanced pitch and tone”.

The Cobra Sport cat back exhausts can be matched with a second de-cat front pipe to create the most dynamic sound track and enable an increase in engine performance. Matched with the second de-cat option which still allows the vehicle to pass the MOT emissions test, the non resonated dual exit cat back system produces a beautifully pitch perfect sound throughout the rev range. Through innovative exhaust design, interior cabin sound levels have been carefully managed with the above system registering a maximum of 88dB whilst under full load.

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Best heard with the roof down on a sunny day!Review by Micky
I have now driven about 4,000 miles with the exhaust (Non Resonated Dual Exit Exhaust with Second De-Cat), the sound is amazing, and has deepened to a rich, mellow tone, but with a harsh side once you hit the open road and explore the rev range, and best heard with the roof down and on a sunny day.

On the motorway the OEM exhaust sound was a drone, and off the throttle was a real pain to hear the radio or talk.

The Cobra Sport Exhaust is louder but at a different pitch, so off the throttle and cruising is now great, that "drone" has been replaced with a lower less obtrusive growl.

Performance wise it picks up quickly and holds the revs, each shift just picking up pace and getting on with the business of moving the car down the road, and the noise is brilliant, this is where it really is chalk and cheese with the standard pipes, I did fit a K&N air filter, and the combination of the two seems to be just right for getting the most out of the car without an ECU remap.

All in all a really worth while addition to the car, the little MX-5 RF is great, but made even better with the addition of the new Cobra Sport performance Exhaust system. (Posted on 25/09/2017)

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