BMW S 1000 XR Performance Exhausts

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BMW S 1000 XR Performance Exhausts

As with all big engined BMW's the Cobra Sport development team were excited to get a hold of the S 1000 XR, offering the perfect compromise between international tourer and sports bike stormer the XR delivers on all fronts and accommodates to your surroundings as well as your mood.

With its engine lifted straight from the S 1000 RR and re-tuned for more mid range grunt the XR surprises in many environments. Although looking more like a GS with its comfortable riding position and height, the XR walks the tightrope of zero compromise by offering practicality and feistiness that can be enjoyed on the same journey.

Although packing a punch the 999cc lump still produces somewhat of a muffled soundtrack to the experience due to the restrictive factory exhaust, thankfully Cobra Sport's development team have been able to rectify the situation transforming the BMW XR into the truly spirited tourer it should have been from factory.

Cobra Sport performance exhausts are designed with the rider in mind offering an unparalleled experience from the moment you fire the engine, delivering an increase in power, adding stunning visuals, reducing weight and most importantly emitting the Cobra Sport signature soundtrack.

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