Fitting Guide



  • Please check to ensure that all required components are present in your new exhaust.
  • For health & safety reasons we would always recommend that you take your vehicle to a qualified installer. However, if you do choose to install the exhaust system yourself please follow these instructions carefully. (We cannot be held responsible for issues arising from incorrect fitment)
  • Ensure that your car is parked on a level surface and allow time for the vehicle to cool.
  • If you will be working near electrical connections, ensure that the battery is disconnected.
  • Wear suitable protective equipment and eye goggles.
  • Lift up the car using ramps and a jack, do not use only a jack and when using ramps ensure that you lock the emergency brakes and block the front wheels.

Removing the old Exhaust System

  • Spray all bolts, joints and mounts on the old exhaust system with releasing fluid and allow to penetrate for about an hour.
  • Unbolt the old exhaust system starting from the back of the car and work your way forward.
  • Some stock exhaust systems are installed in one piece and will need to be cut at the correct junction to be removed in order to fit your new system
  • Remove the exhaust from the hangers and set all of your parts aside, some systems may be heavy so ensure that you have assistance or can remove the system with adequate support.
  • Occasionally removal of the rubber hangers may prove difficult; removing the bracket from the body of the vehicle can be an alternative solution.

Installing the Cobra Sport Exhaust System

  • Lay out the new exhaust on the ground to ensure the units fit together prior to installation. Ensure all worn out rubber mounts are replaced with new ones.
  • Depending on the type of hangers your vehicle has, put the new hangers onto the exhaust pieces first.
  • Apply a small amount of High Temperature Silicone Sealant inside each slotted joint or flange which will help to prevent leaks upon start up. (Do not use exhaust putty on any parts prior to the catalytic converter)
  • Starting from the front of the car hang the exhaust into position ensuring that the system is inclined to the front of the car by around 15mm as the hangers will move into the correct position when the exhaust gets hot and expands.
  • Check the clearance around the exhaust allowing for expansion of up to 25mm when hot.
  • Place the new gaskets between the components.
  • Ensure the system is in the correct position and check the alignment of the tailpipes.
  • Tighten all the clamps and bolts on the new system, take care not to over tighten.
  • Wipe off any grease, oil or marks from your new exhaust system and ensure that you have replaced any covers, brackets or heat shields which you may have removed for fitting.
  • Check the system for leaks and take the vehicle for a test drive. After the test drive re-check the system including all the joints and clearances, make any necessary adjustments once the vehicle has cooled again.

If you need any technical advice regarding the fitment of a Cobra Sport Exhaust, our technical team will be happy to help over the phone +44 (0)114 244 733 or via email