TIG vs MIG - Superior TIG Welded Performance Exhausts


All Cobra Sport Exhausts feature tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding rather than metal inert gas (MIG) which is used employed by many competitors in the aftermarket performance exhaust market.

Cobra Sport Exhausts are hand crafted by highly trained exhaust technicians in Sheffield, utilising superior TIG welding techniques to create a product of the highest standard.

When compared with MIG, TIG welding is a technically superior, intricate and highly precise process requiring a much higher level of operator skill, co-ordination and experience.

TIG welding requires the components to be spotlessly clean prepared surfaces and cut to within smaller tolerances enabling an aesthetic weld with no splatter.


The hand crafted quality, strength and visual appeal of TIG welding sets Cobra Exhausts apart from other brands that use MIG welding.




TIG welding produces a stronger more durable weld that is generally more malleable and less brittle. The TIG welding process heats the stainless steel enough to bond with minimal filler needed. This process allows total control over the weld producing a perfect bead with a flatter, intricate and visually striking finish in keeping with the hand crafted quality associated with Cobra Sport Exhausts.

MIG welding is more commonly used for lengthier welds where speed is key but lacks precise control of the finished weld leading to splatter, rough edges and overspill. The precision of TIG welding makes it the best option for detailed performance exhaust manufacture where precision, strength, longevity and visual appeal is key.

Cobra Sport invest in the additional equipment, training and time taken to manufacture your exhaust because we intend our systems when properly maintained to last a lifetime, all backed up by our lifetime warranty.