Fast Ford Magazine - Fiesta ST180 Learns new tricks

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Matthew Coates brand new fiesta ST180 has been used as a development tool by many tuning firms allowing him to have fun on the road and on the track... His first trip was straight down to Cobra Sport for a 3" turbo back exhaust with sports cat and stage 2 re-map which enabled the car to hit an amazing 256 bhp and 273lb/ft torque.

Matthew beams "My car has embarrassed a lot of cars including a 320bhp Astra VXR, a Mk2 Focus RS and a tuned Honda Civic to name but a few." It is true to say that these powerhouses are more than capable of out running an ST in a straight line, but Matthew's lightened ST was able to capitalise on the difficulties that they had manoeuvring around corners at speed.


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