Total BMW Magazine - BMW M1 V8 with Cobra Sport Exhaust

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Quarry Motors is a highly respected BMW specialist in the Yorkshire region, they have been spending time on their latest project which is a BMW 1 Series Coupe with the V8 engine from the BMW M3 E92.

I'm sure this modified 1 series would make the actual M1 go and cry in a corner in a race. Ashley from Quarry Motors approached Cobra Sport to create an exhaust that would increase power and deliver a sound that would make the windows shake, but at the same time not want to attract unnecessary attention from the police. Yes that is a hard task to overcome...

After discussing many options with Ashley everyone decided on dual independent exhaust systems, with a switch in the cockpit that can be pressed to allow the running of a loud or quiet system depending on what the mood takes you. Needless to say the 'best-of-both-worlds' project was completed and featured in the Total BMW magazine.