Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine - Company Focus (January 2020)

Posted by CobraSportExhausts Admin

The January 2020 edition of MEM (Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine) featured a write-up of the Cobra Sport brand amongst other businesses that have been awarded the coveted 'Made in Sheffield' mark.

It also covered some of the manufacturing techniques that we use including TIG-welding and CNC mandrel tube bending.

"Cobra Sport Exhausts was set up by brother and sister Pete Jarvis and Rachel Abbott in 2004 to continue the long family history in the trade. Over the past 15 years, the duo have driven the business forward to become one of the UK's leading performance exhaust manufacturers. With a global network of dealers, high-profile motorsport sponsorships, the team's recent success in the British Touring Car Championship and a focus on new product development, the Cobra Sport brand has never been so strong.

"When it comes to the manufacturing process, all performance exhaust systems are not the same. Aside from the differences in design and the type of materials used, one of the biggest factors that affects the quality of a performance exhaust is the welding. This is one area in which Cobra Sport is ahead of the game. Whereas many of our competitors use MIG-welding, our highly skilled technicians utilise superior TIG-welding techniques."

It also has an article covering the Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire (Sheffield), of which our Managing Director, Rachel Abbott, is the Chairman of the Freeman's Committee.