Available Now - Audi RS3 (8Y) Sportback Performance Exhausts

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Audi RS3 8Y Cobra Sport Exhaust

Reminiscent of previous generations the Audi RS3 8Y attracts a breadth of attention from a diverse crowd of tuners and street cruisers alike.

Entering the market with no real power gains over its predecessor did raise a couple of eyebrows with enthusiasts hoping for figures more in line with the mighty A45S.

Although not improved on HP the iconic 2.5 litre 5 cylinder does come with a little more torque totalling 369ft-lbs, enough to feel the extra surge from the previous generation.

Bigger intakes, boxy arches and a wider stance contribute to the aesthetic changes that have you circling the RS3 questioning exactly where the extra stance has appeared from.

To drive the RS3 does pretty much what you would expect, motorway miles disappear in a world of comfort and conformity while B-roads can be motorist heaven (if you have the time and patience to properly set the RS3 in its most capable modes).

While the RS3 does tick most boxes for the all round ultimate family hatch the introduction of the GPF filter to the cars exhaust system has dampened the soundtrack previously offered from Audi's pocket rocket as standard. Even with the optional RS exhaust system installed, the 5 cylinder lump famous for its warbles and cracks now lacks the audible emotion we expect to feel, the Cobra Sport development team worked their magic to revive the feel of the RS3 injecting the traditional Cobra Sport soundtrack with a touch of reservation and class.

Introducing Cobra Sport's GPF back performance exhaust systems for the Audi RS3 8Y, adding more emotion and sportiness to the 8Y was the main aim for the development team at Cobra Sport, utilising 3" bore pipework from the GPF back to the tailpipes the Cobra Sport system delivers a subtle sporty upgrade from stock that can be heard echoing through the wilderness of your B-road blasts but won't disturb your neighbours as you creep back into town.

Keeping the factory placed valves intact is an option for those that want to add further sound control to their ride and ensure that a ninja like presence can be maintained when required.

Audi RS3 (8Y) Sportback Valved GPF Back Exhaust Upgrade

Delivering an increase in sound the Cobra Sport GPF back performance exhaust delivers 63.4dB at idle a 2.4dB increase on stock. Wind the revs up to 4,000 for an even greater increase in sound delivering 84.5dB compared with stock at 80.8dB matched with a deep sporty exhaust tone.

Like all Cobra Sport Performance Exhausts this system utilises precision TIG-welding techniques for exemplary fit and finish - a feature that gives Cobra Sport an advantage over other manufacturers. With over 25 years in the performance exhaust industry, each Cobra Sport exhaust system is designed, manufactured and tested in Sheffield, the heart of the UK steel industry.

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