Available Now - BMW 330e (G20) Performance Exhausts

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The automotive industry has taken a monumental step forward to ensure sustainability and the BMW 330e is at the forefront of pushing for a carbon neutral future, whilst also ensuring internal combustion is still alive into the next decade, by utilising the popular 2L B48 engine which is seamlessly combined with BMW's eDrive plug-in hybrid electrical assistance embodying the perfect synergy between electrification and dynamic driving prowess.

The synergy of a modern powertrain and a dynamic engaging chassis resulting in one the most capable all-round cars on the road.

BMW 330e - Cobra Sport Stainless Steel Rear Axle Back Performance Exhausts


While the BMW 330e boasts an impressive hybrid setup with a powerful electric motor for around town cruising, the standard soundtrack when the B48 engages on the open road doesn't hit the spot with M-Sport enthusiasts.

Cobra Sport have introduced a whole range of performance exhausts for the latest generation 330e to suit the needs of any owner and put the 'Sport' back in M Sport. When you engage the Sport Mode, the car's personality transforms, and so should its voice. The upgraded Cobra Sport exhaust systems ensure that your BMW 330e G20 responds with an undeniable surge of energy, delivering an unforgettable driving experience that goes beyond the ordinary.


BMW 330e Dual Exit Exhaust Upgrade by Cobra Sport


Cobra Sport has catered to those who wish to retain the OEM-style rear, with their range of Dual Exit exhaust upgrades which utilises the standard rear panel diffuser with a selection of dual 4-inch stainless steel, ceramic coated or carbon fibre tailpipes. 


BMW 330e - Quad Exit Rear Axle Back System by Cobra Sport


Adding aggression to the rear of hybrid 3 Series, is the new range of Quad Exit exhaust systems which is inspired by the legendary M3 and is designed to fit with the addition of the interchangeable quad exit M3 Style lower rear panel (available separately), and offered with a selection of 3.5-inch stainless steel or carbon fibre tailpipes to ensure your 330e stands out from the crowd.



The new exhaust range is available with a choice of two rear sections, the Valved systems with rear silencer perfectly compliments the 'jack of all trades' character of the 330e. With the valved closed, the exhaust gases pass through the rear silencer allowing the driver to cruise around and eat up the miles in comfort, with just a subtle hint that there is 287BHP available at the press of the right foot. 


BMW M135i Quad Exit Performance Exhaust by Cobra Sport
BMW M135i Quad Exit Performance Exhaust by Cobra Sport


When driving spiritedly the exhaust valve opens, the exhaust gases are split between the rear silencer and a unique rear silencer by-pass enhancing the exhaust sound levels and allowing the 330e to sing to its hearts content and recording 87.2dB at 4,000rpm, an increase of +10.6dB.

For the ultimate thrill seeker Cobra Sport offers their non-valved venom rear axle back systems, these systems remove the rear silencer and exhaust valves, allows for the biggest upgrade in terms of sound levels at all times recording 89.7dB at 4000RPM (+12.9dB) - whilst keeping the factory fit catalyst and GPF (gasoline particulate filter) in place. 

Like all Cobra Sport exhausts, the 330e (G20) exhausts are TIG-welded from high-quality T304 stainless steel and the mandrel pipework for maximum sound and tuning potential.

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