Available Now - BMW M135i Quad Exit Performance Exhausts

Posted by Cobra Sport Admin

The third generation of BMW’s 1 Series was launched in 2019, with the chassis name F40. For the performance range topping F40, BMW revived the ‘M135i’ moniker, sporting BMW’s B48 2 litre, 4-cylinder engine. The M135i is shipped from the factory with a muted exhaust sound leading to a very disappointing driving experience. Along with increased performance, Cobra Sport were keen to put the emotion back into the drive with an improved aural and emotional driving experience.

BMW M135i Quad Exit Performance Exhaust by Cobra Sport

Cobra Sport opted for 3”/76.2mm stainless steel pipework for the biggest upgrade in terms of performance, flow rate and sound levels. The free-flowing Cobra Sport exhaust setup completely transforms the vehicle and will open up the future tuning possibilities of the BMW M135i (F40).

Cobra Sport have transformed the styling of the BMW M135i, creating a quad exit conversion that draws attention to the peachy rear of BMW's hot hatch. With 4" (101.6mm) carbon fibre quad tips specifically selected to ensure you stand out from the crowd and draw attention to the looks as well as the sound of your M135i.

BMW M135i Quad Exit Performance Exhaust by Cobra Sport
BMW M135i Quad Exit Performance Exhaust by Cobra Sport

The all-new GPF/PPF-Back quad exit performance exhaust with rear silencer perfectly compliments the 'jack of all trades' character of the M135i. In comfort mode the exhaust valve is closed, allowing the driver to cruise around and eat up the miles in comfort, with just a subtle hint that there is over 300BHP available at the press of the right foot. 

BMW M135i F40 Quad Exit Performance Exhaust by Cobra Sport with Maxton Design Rear Valance

Switch to Sport mode and the drive of the M135i is transformed, the exhaust valve opens allowing exhaust gases to be split between the rear silencer and a rear silencer by-pass, enhancing the exhaust sound levels and allowing the M135i to sing to its hearts content and recording 91dB at 4,000rpm, an increase of +11.1dB - capturing the motorsport heritage that runs through the veins of the M135i.

Cobra Sport has also developed their race box delete performance exhaust for the ultimate thrill seeker. This system takes inspiration from Cobra Sport's venom range by removing the rear silencer and exhaust valves, the race box delete allows for the biggest upgrade in terms of sound levels recording 92.8dB at 4000RPM (+12.9dB) at all times - whilst keeping the factory fit catalyst and GPF (gasoline particulate filter) in place. 

Like all Cobra Sport exhausts, the M135i F40 exhausts are TIG-welded from high-quality T304 stainless steel and the mandrel pipework is a full 3” (76.2mm) in diameter for maximum sound and tuning potential.

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