Available Now - BMW M240i (G42) Performance Exhausts

Posted by Cobra Sport Admin


Sporting a somewhat already iconic engine known for producing tones that make heads turn from rural streets to the cities, Cobra Sport's development team were eager to get their hands on BMW's new G42 generation M240i.

With 369BHP on tap and AWD from factory the new BMW M240i slightly reworks the recipe from its predecessor, however, follows the same beautiful coupe styling with enough muscly bulges to make you stand and stare, visually stunning yet composed. However, as with most modern performance cars the exhaust system lacks a touch of emotion that our development team were only too happy to rectify.



As far as GPF equipped vehicles go, the stock sound of the M240i isn't the worst out there in the current market, you can tell there are 6-cylinders buried somewhere within the vehicle, they are just a little subdued and muted. 

What has been done to extract the glorious note of the B58? Following a similar technique to our BMW M2 Competition system the Venom Rear Axle Back System for the M240i removes the restrictive rear box of the BMW to allow for a deeper, throatier tone to be emitted from the tailpipes, utilising 3" pipework for optimal flow, sound and performance. The Cobra Sport system bypasses the factory valve for a consistently sporty tone throughout the rev-range no matter what mode your driving in.

Living with the Venom system is surprisingly pleasant, at low revs there is a sweet bass-like tone that unleashes as your throttle does. Town driving and cruising is comfortable with no extra resonance or vibrations from the stock system, just the affirmation that your B58 will react as soon as your right foot does.



In regard to tailpipes we have opted for the factory look and create our pipework to lead into the OEM trims keeping the finish of the vehicle clean with the added grunt of the Cobra Sport Venom system.

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