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The latest Honda Civic Type R has divided opinions with its toned down styling, although one aspect of the new Type-R that all 'V-Techsperts' agree on is that the the factory fit exhaust system restricts power and lacks emotion, even when the newly introduced exhaust valve is wide open.

Honda Civic Type R FL5 Cobra Sport Performance Exhaust

Cobra Sport's development engineers were keen to get to work on the FL5 as soon as it left the factory, offering a range of full range of valved performance exhausts.

For tuners that want to extract optimal performance from their Type R, Cobra Sport's high flow downpipes enter into a huge 4” mouth that reduces to 3” with the sports catalyst option featuring a 4.5" high flow 200 cell catalyst.

Honda Civic Type R - Cobra Sport 200-cell High Flow Sports Cat Downpipe | De-Cat Downpipe

Fitting straight off of the downpipe is the cat back system (right hand drive models only), followed by the the front-flex back setup which fits from the front exhaust flexi (right hand and left hand drive models)

Both the Cat and Flex-Back setups are made in 3" (76.2mm) pipework and are available with the choice of the more subtle resonated and the fruiter non-resonated centre sections, opening up the natural sounds of the turbocharged V-Tech engine.

For the FL5, Cobra Sport has designed an all-new 3-inch dual rear silencer design, similar in appearance to the Cobra Sport FK8 systems, but with a optimal layout which utilises the positioning of the newly introduced factory valve.

Honda Civic Type R (FL5) - 3-inch Cat/GPF-Back Cobra Sport Exhaust Upgrade | Backbox Rear Silencer

Along with the larger 3-inch exhaust valve, the silencer internals have been developed to guarantee optimal flow rates and exhaust tone regardless of the drive mode selected. Through digital flow mapping, our technicians have created a system that utilises the valve for its intended use, without compromising flow when closed, offering an adaptable system that suits any drive.

Due to the larger valve all of our FL5 systems will be supplied with a newly designed heat shield that replaces the factory part providing optimal heat protection.

Honda Civic Type R - 3-inch stainless steel upgrade performance exhaust

The styling of the Civic Type R has been improved, with a choice of three equally sized 4” (101.6mm) tailpipes, available in stainless-steel, ceramic black and for those suffering with carbon fever, Cobra Sport has the cure in the form of their TP115-CF carbon fibre tailpipe option.

Honda Civic Type-R (FL5) - Cobra Sport Stainless Steel Exhaust Tip / Tailpipes

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With over 25 years in the performance exhaust industry, each Cobra Sport exhaust system is designed, manufactured and tested in Sheffield, the heart of the UK steel industry. Cobra Sport utilises TIG-welding techniques to ensure a flawless finish and quality that you can rely on.