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The previous generation Toyota Supra is regarded as one of the best sports cars of all time by petrolheads. 

Featuring a powerful and durable turbocharged straight-6 engine, the Supra is a tuners dream, with many owners tuning them past 700BHP. However, in 2002 the final A80 Supra rolled off the production line, and despite fans all round the word calling out for a successor, Toyota wouldn't deliver a successor for another 17 years.



After making JDM fans wait 17 years for their favourite sports car to return, there is a lot of pressure on Toyota to ensure the fans weren't disappointed. The recipe for the GR Supra has remained the same, a rear-wheel drive coupe with an excellent chassis and a highly tuneable 6-cylinder engine. Upfront there is one of the most capable engines currently in production, BMW's iconic B58 3.0 litre turbocharged straight-6, which produces 340BHP and 500Nm of torque. Enough to fire the JDM legend from a standstill to 62MPH in just 4.3 seconds - a figure which will frighten its rivals from Bavaria and Stuttgart. 

The well proven B58 straight-6 makes the Toyota GR Supra a tuners dream, however emissions regulations have resulted in the introduction of a GPF (Gasoline Particulate Filter), which limits the aural potential of the glorious straight-6 powerplant.  

For those looking to awaken the sound and unlock the performance of their GR Supra, Cobra Sport has the solution with their newly released performance exhaust range, which is stepping away from the norm by focusing primarily on the tuning market through optimal flow rates and a uniquely engineered twin valve option. 

The Toyota GR Supra performance exhaust configuration options are as follows: 

  • GPF Back – Pipework attaching to the gasoline particulate filter and continuing to the rear of the vehicle. (factory catalytic converter and GPF retained)
  • Cat Back – Pipework deleting the GPF filter and attaching to the catalytic converter and continuing to the rear of the vehicle. (Factory Catalytic Converter retained but deleting the GPF - ECU remap required – Off-road and motorsport use only)
  • Turbo Back –  Pipework attaching to the turbo via a downpipe (Sports Catalyst and De-Cat options both available) and continuing to the rear of the vehicle. (Factory Catalytic Converter and GPF deleted allowing for the smoothest possible flow of exhaust gas and sound upgrade - ECU remap required, off-road and motorsport use only)
  • Downpipes – To standard exhaust fitment (Sports Cat will allow you to pass MOT emissions tests, De-Cat is for off-road and motorsport use only)
Toyota GR Supra - Valved GPF Back Performance Exhaust


The pinnacle of the Cobra Sport range is a full double valved turbo back performance exhaust which features a 4.5 in/114.3mm 200 cell high flow sports catalyst teamed with dual 3"/76.2mm pipework, offering unprecedented flow rates for the biggest upgrade in terms of performance, flow rate and sound levels, opening up the tuning possibilities of the Toyota GR Supra.



For those who want to add audible emotion without the need for any engine tuning, Cobra Sport offer their GPF-back performance exhaust range, fitting from the petrol particulate filter and replacing the centre and rear sections, keeping the stock catalyst and GPF in place (MOT compliant). The GPF-back setup is available in two formats, a double valved setup utilises Cobra Sport's unique rear silencer to allow a subtle increase in sound when cruising and add a deep aggressive tone when you push the loud pedal.

The twin valved system offers a jekyll and hyde personality, with the exhaust valves closed the exhaust is refined - allowing the driver to eat up miles in total tranquillity. Then when you hit the country lanes and unleash the B58, the exhaust valves open, and exhaust gases are split between the rear silencer and rear silencer by-pass, delivering the ultimate audible upgrade whilst keeping the factory gasoline particulate filter and catalytic converter in place. 

The Cobra Sport development team have also injected the GR Supra with it's signature venomous DNA in the form of the Venom GPF-Back system. This performance exhaust setup offers the biggest audible increase whilst keeping the factory fit emissions devices in place. In Venom GPF-back configuration the GR Supra recorded a +16dB increase in the 4,000RPM static sound test.

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With over 25 years in the performance exhaust industry, each Cobra Sport exhaust system is designed, manufactured and tested in Sheffield, the heart of the UK steel industry. Cobra Sport utilise TIG-welding techniques to ensure a flawless finish and quality that you can rely on.