Cobra Sport & MAS - The Manufacturing Challange

Posted by CobraSportExhausts Admin


Our work with MAS has hit the headlines again. In this press release Rachel Jarvis (Managing Director at Cobra Sport) discusses the benefits we have experienced "We first approached MAS (Manufacturing Advisory Service) over 5 years ago when we won an order to supply exhausts to Subaru UK dealerships. It was a great thrill to get the contract but we quickly realised that we would have to gear up for an increase in our production facilities.

The expertise MAS provided at the time, including the implementation of a new dedicated production line for volume manufacturing, along with the introduction of 5S was invaluable. Our people have enthusiastically taken on board the changes which have been introduced.

Everything is much more organised and departments now work together more effectively which has resulted in the whole process running much more smoothly, from the orders been taken all the way through to the final delivery."