Cobra Sport Motorcycle Dyno Performance Testing

Posted by Cobra Sport Admin

All Cobra Sport motorcycle performance exhausts are put through extensive testing as part of the development process, to ensure optimum performance, sound and durability for every exhaust application.

Cobra Sport Motorcycle Dyno Exhaust Testing

As part of the extensive research and development process, every motorcycle is run on the dyno, allowing Cobra Sport's R&D team to see clear increases in performance and power delivery when compared to the O/E exhaust system, allowing Cobra Sport's performance exhausts optimise the flow rates of the exhaust gasses.

The latest motorcycle to hit Cobra Sport's dyno was the Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX. When equipped with Cobra Sport's Tri-Oval carbon fibre cat back performance exhaust, the supercharged sports motorcycle saw an impressive increase of 5WHP (Wheel Horsepower).