Langen Motorcycles collaborate with Cobra Sport to design and manufacture OEM exhaust system for all-new LightSpeed

Posted by Cobra Sport Admin

Showcasing the brand new Langen LightSpeed.

Exclusively limited to just 185 units and combining pure exhilaration with a timelessly elegant design the LightSpeed sets a new benchmark for performance motorcycles.

Throughout the build Langen's masterpiece received meticulous craftsmanship resulting in unparalleled attention to detail, highlighted by the exhaust system designed in collaboration with Cobra Sport. 

Langen LightSpeed Exhaust Manufactured and Designed In Collaboration With Cobra Sport

Combining their 'Zero Compromise' approach to manufacturing, Cobra Sport and Langen Motorcycle's aligned to create the perfect synergy, resulting in the masterpiece that is the LightSpeed, redefining the boundaries of what's expected from the performance motorcycle market.

Featuring a handcrafted stainless steel exhaust system that utilises an aero grade billeted aluminium silencer, Langen have extracted 185bhp from the Buell 1190, purposefully balanced by LightSpeed's 185kg curb weight resulting in the perfect 1:1 power to weight ratio and a representative 1,000PS per tonne.