The UK's only Twin Turbo S550 RHD Ford Mustang GT - Santa Pod quarter mile

Posted by Cobra Sport Admin

In 2020, Reuben Grech attended the Mustang Owners Club UK meet at Santa Pod Raceway in his then standard Ford Mustang 5.0 GT, and achieved a personal best ¼ mile time of 13.01 seconds. 

In order to achieve the best possible result from his V8 muscle car, Reuben realised he needed forced induction. The most popular choice of forced induction for the Mustang is a bolt-on supercharger kit, however Reuben wanted to take a different approach and opted to go for a twin turbo setup - making his Mustang the first, and only, twin turbo S550 right hand drive Ford Mustang GT in the country. 

As part of this extensive build, Reuben required an exhaust system which was capable of sustaining the colossal power produced by the twin turbocharged V8 and partnered with performance exhaust specialist Cobra Sport. 

Cobra Sport developed bespoke turbo back performance exhaust, manufactured in T304 stainless steel. This custom built performance exhaust was developed in full 3"/76.2mm pipework, in order to minimise back pressure from the turbo, and maximise flow rates directly from the turbo, further aiding the tuning potential. In its current state of tune, the Mustang is running 7PSI, and on the dyno with the Mustang managed to achieve 735BHP with the bespoke Cobra Sport performance exhaust. 

The specially tuned Garrett twin turbos feature external wastegates which were integrated with catalytic converter bypass pipework to maximise the sound and performance of the new car setup in anticipation for further future modifications. The track specific de-cat setup is pictured below with the wastegates exiting directly after the turbo. 

Twin Turbo RHD Ford Mustang GT Performance Exhaust

In the summer, Cobra Sport joined Reuben and the Mustang Owners Club of Great Britain at Santa Pod Raceway with the target of achieving sub 12 second ¼ mile time. 

On Reuben's first run he achieved a 13.2 second ¼ mile time, and as he got acclimatised to the surface and his new drag radial tyres the ¼ mile times dropped to 12.8 seconds and then by his fourth run Reuben managed to beat his sub 12-second ¼ mile time by two tenths of a second, achieving an 11.8 second ¼ mile time. 

Twin Turbo Ford Mustang
Santa Pod Raceway Twin Turbo Ford Mustang
Reuben Grech Twin Turbo Ford Mustang