Banzai Magazine - Company Profile Feature (March 2016)

Posted by CobraSportExhausts Admin

Banzai Magazine - March 2016

The March 2016 issue of Banzai magazine includes an extensive 4 page company profile which takes a look behind the scenes at our Sheffield based headquarters along with our long standing heritage in the performance exhaust market. In the feature the magazine explores where the Cobra Sport brand began and how it has become "a go-to company when it comes to performance exhaust systems". 

We are very pleased to be named in the article as "One of the most influential performance parts companies in the UK". Highlighted in the included images is our extensive range of performance exhausts for the Japanese market. Also in the article, the magazine acknowledges our Made in Sheffield award and continues to explain it as "a symbol of excellence in manufacturing which is recognised worldwide".

The magazine is available from many retail outlets, a copy of the feature can be seen below.