Banzai Magazine - Nissan 350Z (AUGUST 2019)

Posted by CobraSportExhausts Admin

The August 2019 edition of the popular Japanese tuning magazine 'Banzai' featured our Nissan 350Z performance exhaust system as the exhaust of choice for those wanting to enhance the noise of their V6 sports car.

Banzai praised the system for having a multitude of customisation options including resonated and non-resonated centre pipes and the option of carbon fibre tailpipes. They also noted that our system is manufactured using TIG-welding, giving it an advantage over rival systems that may only be MIG-welded.

"This system for the 350 is all about giving you choices - loads and loads of 'em. Here you can choose from resonated or non-resonated centre pipes, a full-on high-flow Y-pipe, and even carbon tailpipes. So, there's a solution, no matter what sort of escapades you're planning. As you'd expect from Cobra too, these systems are constructed from proper, tig-welded T304 stainless steel, so they not only look the part, but should free up quite a few lovely horsepowers too. At the very least you'll be giving your Z car the voice it deserves - there's a lot to be said for that!"

Banzai magazine can be found in many major retail outlets.More information on our performance exhaust options for the Nissan 350Z can be found here - Nissan 350Z Performance Exhausts.