Banzai Magazine - Toyota GT86 (April 2020)

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Banzai April 2020 Toyota GT86 Cobra Sport

The April 2019 edition of Banzai features the Ultimate Buying Guide for one of the finest sports cars on the market today, the Toyota GT86. In the feature, Banzai explores the ‘Top 5 Mods’ to improve the GT86. The first mod they suggested was upgrading the exhaust to the Cobra Sport Cat Back system. This system offers several improvements over the original setup, including sound, look, performance and durability.

Cobra Sport offers the Cat Back system both with and without a resonator. The resonated option includes the centre silencer which has a subtle but sporty tone. For those wanting a louder option however, there is the non-resonated option which excludes the centre silencer and has an enhanced, sportier exhaust note.

View our full GT86 exhaust range here > Toyota GT86 Performance Exhausts

The magazine is available now from many retail outlets, a copy of the feature can be seen below.

Banzai April 2020 Toyota GT86 Cobra Sport Exhaust