Carwow - Ben Collins and Mat Watson react to VW Golf R with Cobra Sport Performance Exhaust

Posted by Cobra Sport Admin

The Stig has succumbed to the audible emotion of a Cobra Sport performance exhaust!

Carwow - Ben Collins 'The Stig' reacts to VW Golf R Cobra Sport Turbo Back Performance Exhaust

TR Hamza was recently invited by carwow to feature his 500BHP Mk8 Golf R in one of their popular drag race videos, where his R was driven by none other than the former Stig, Ben Collins and we think it's fair to say both he and Mat Watson were blown away by the sound and performance of Cobra Sport's full Turbo Back performance exhaust.

By teaming the full Cobra Sport system with the MRC Tuning stage 3 remap package the R was able to hold its own against the upper echelon of modified compact performance cars, battling off the Mercedes-AMG A45S, Audi RS3 and AUTOID's BMW M240i.