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The September 2018 edition of Fast Ford magazine features a write-up of our friend Ian 'Ely' Wright's Ford Focus Mk2 RS which sports a Cobra Sport Venom Cat-Back system paired to a Front Pipe and De-Cat Pipe to create a full Turbo-Back system.

Ely's RS features a WRC inspired bodykit and Michelin wrap, and with its Cobra Sport Venom Turbo-Back, it backs up its outrageous aesthetics with a thunderous soundtrack.

"The addition of mods began with a Cobra Sport 'Venom' Exhaust, a tracker (for added security) and 20mm wheel spacers. Things got more serious with a Stage 4 intercooler from Airtec, Anembo inlet plenum, and a Stage 2 map to around 360bhp by G&R Performance.

"We were also featured in the 'New Stuff' section of the tuning magazine where our Mustang GT Cat-Back system was showcased amongst some other modifications for Blue Oval vehicles.

"Muscle cars aren't for shrinking violets - the whole point of them has been to make big power and make a big noise while doing so. This is true of the new-wave Mustang GT, and Cobra Sport's stainless exhaust systems are now here to help it find its voice. The Venom cat-back features an H-Pipe, link pipes and race tube pipework and the rear silencers removed, resulting in a raucous 108.5db at a static 4,000rpm test - one of the noisiest systems the market, but also carefully-tuned to be pitch-perfect!'Fast Ford magazine is available from many major retail outlets."

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