Fast Ford Magazine - Focus RS Feature

Posted by CobraSportExhausts Admin

This is the latest feature in December's Fast Ford Magazine...


A 400BHP frozen White track ready Focus RS, that belongs to the proud owner of Aaron Hall. In the feature he lists his best mod as "The Cobra Sport Exhaust..." and says "The exhaust was great, and there was a notable performance advantage after it has been bolted into place, but hadn't anticipated just how loud it would be!" he laughs.

Indeed a significant increase in volume is essential to many when it comes to exhausts, yet Aaron required something a little more sedate.

Cue a call to Cobra Sport..."I ordered one of the company's excellent 3" de-cat and cat-back systems from Auto Specialists, and took advantage of an offer a matching downpipes".

Thanks to Fast Ford and Aaron Hall for the kind words, from the Cobra Sport team.