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The August 2019 edition of Performance Audi magazine featured, in its 'Fresh Products' section', our new Carbon-Fibre Tailpipe option which is now available for many of our performance exhaust system applications.

The tuner magazine praised the quality and the fit and finish of the new tailpipes, also commenting that we can retrofit them to vehicles that are currently fitted with a Cobra Sport system. They are also available for mail-order.

"Having perfected the art of creating beautifully finished TIG-welded stainless steel exhaust systems, Cobra Sport have now developed a range of brand new carbon-fibre tailpipes.

Manufactured from the finest quality carbon fibre they come with a durable matt finish and feature a stainless-steel inner sleeve, which acts as a thermal barrier. Want some? Well, they can be specified as an optional extra on a range of performance exhaust systems or purchased separately and retrofitted to an existing system." 

Performance Audi is available from many major retail outlets.

Our full selection of tailpipes applicable for your performance exhaust system is listed within the product description of the respective system.

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