Performance BMW Magazine Company Profile (June 2016)

Posted by CobraSportExhausts Admin

June 2016 Performance BMW Magazine Cover

The June 2016 issue of Performance BMW magazine includes a 3 page company profile which takes a look behind the scenes at our Sheffield based headquarters along with our long standing heritage in the performance exhaust market.

In the BMW magazine feature the article explains how the Cobra Sport originated and how we have evolved to become the business we are today.

We are excited to be described in the article as "One of the most influential performance parts companies in the UK".

We are working hard to expand our offering of direct fit BMW performance exhausts having recently released systems for the BMW M135i. Our cosmetic range for the 3-series and 420D continue to be popular with those looking for a dual exit exhaust conversion for a sportier look.

The magazine is available from many retail outlets, a copy of the feature can be seen below.