VXR: The Ultimate Guide - Corsa VXR and Astra GTC VXR Cobra Cat Back Exhausts (Summer 2019)

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This Summer, Performance Vauxhall have released their 'Collector's Edition' VXR The Ultimate Guide.

This special release magazine features some of the nation's most outrageous, powerful and rarest modified Vauxhall's packed into just under 100 pages.

Cobra Sport's first mention in the magazine comes in the form of a product feature of our acclaimed 'Venom' cat back system for the Corsa E VXR in the 'Recommended Products: VXR Essentials' section.

The magazine noted the 'beautiful design' of the system, created through TIG-welding, and how it improves both gasflow and the sound of the Corsa's raucous 1.6 turbo-charged engine.

"Celebrated performance exhaust manufacturer, Cobra Sport, has expanded its range of free-flowing stainless systems to include a powerful Venom kit for the Corsa E VXR. Replacing the OEM system with 3 inch mandrel-bent T304 pipework split into dual 2.5 inch arms at the rear, the company has utilised superior TIG-welding techniques at its Sheffield base to produce a beautifully-designed product improving gasflow and sound at the same time as releasing trapped ponies.

As with other Corsa E exhausts in the Cobra Sport portfolio, this awesome Venom system is finished with a pair of 4 inch tailpipes and the option of black ceramic coating to complement the Corsa's standard diffuser. An additional eleven decibels provides a fantastic soundtrack to fast-road fun."

The second mention of Cobra Sport in the tuning magazine is in an article focused on an insane Grasshopper Green Corsa D VXR Nurburgring Edition owned by Doug Booth.

The unhinged 411bhp monster features a multitude of modifications, amongst which is full De-Cat Turbo-Back Cobra Sport performance exhaust system, which helps it achieve its ludicrous power figure.

Our final mention came within the 'I Bought One' section of the magazine, featuring an Astra J GTC VXR which is equipped with our Non-Resonated Turbo-Back system and a rather eye-catching livery made-up of our Cobra Sport show car graphics.

Performance Vauxhall magazine is available from many major retail outlets.

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