August - Tailored Cobra Sport approach to the Astra J VXR

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Experience significant power and torque increases matched by excellent design in the new Astra J VXR exhaust systems manufactured by Cobra Sport in Sheffield. 


Precision power, matched by stunning looks and inspirational sound is the Cobra Sport promise for Vauxhall's sensational VXR.

A totally engineered performance exhaust designed and manufactured to uncompromising standards of quality and excellence brings a totally involving driving experience on both road and track.

Compared with the standard VXR factory-fit exhaust, the Cobra Sport exhaust system delivers stunning performance gains throughout the Astra J VXR range. After our recent tests, the new installation of the Astra J VXR Cat-Back exhaust system resulted in a power increase from 264 bhp to 280.5 bhp with the engine torque figure showing a significant 23% increase from 256 ft per lb/347 Nm to 315 ft per lb/ 427 Nm.

The weight of the finished exhaust system is a serious consideration in development of the performance exhaust range for the VXR, the Cobra Sport De-Cat Back system has a final weight of just 24.14 kg, this is a substantial 21% weight saving when compared to the OE Astra VXR system's 30.58 kg.

As with any Cobra Sport exhaust a great sound comes as standard, the unbelievable resonated sound of the Cobra system is pitch perfect. Behind the wheel, under load, part throttle or idle the volume on the Cobra Sport exhaust system is only marginally higher than a standard exhaust but comes with a unique and improved base sound, on full load the Cobra system really comes to life! This system comes with Cobra Sport's own unique tailpipe which is designed to fit neatly within the Astra J VXR's showcase rear diffuser.

The full range of exhaust options for is available to view over in the Astra J VXR exhaust category

The Astra J VXR exhaust system is available in the following configurations:

Vauxhall Astra VXR J Exhaust Components: Bore Size:
1st front pipe & sports cat section 3/76.2mm
1st front pipe & de-cat section 3/76.2mm
2nd front pipe / 2nd de-cat 3/76.2mm
Cat back system non-resonated 3/76.2mm
Cat back system resonated 3/76.2mm
Turbo back system sports/cat resonated 3/76.2mm
Turbo back system sports/cat non-resonated 3/76.2mm
Turbo back system de-cat resonated 3/76.2mm
Turbo back system de-cat non- resonated 3/76.2mm