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BMW 3 Series M Sport | Cobra Sport Quad Exit M3 Style Performance Exhaust


The BMW 3 Series has been the benchmark sports saloon over the past six generations spanning 45 years, and replacing the extremely successful sixth generation 3 Series (codenamed 'F30') was not an easy task for the engineers in Bavaria. The all-new seventh generation 'G20' 3 Series picks up from where its predecessor left off, taking the crown in the sports saloon segment. 

Like its predecessor, the all-new 3 Series is available with a range of four and six cylinder petrol engines, with the most popular models being the 320i and 330i. Both of which use variants of the 2L turbocharged B48 engine, with the 330i benefitting from an extra 67BHP over its little brother, resulting in 255BHP, giving BMWs latest saloon sporting intent.

BMW 320i - Cobra Sport Quad Exit Performance Exhaust


By combining the excellent range of engines with an engaging chassis, and a classy, modern interior featuring all of the latest technology, you are left with one the most capable all-round cars on the road which is almost faultless. However, one area where the 3 Series M Sport doesn't quite hit the spot with M Sport enthusiasts is its exhaust system which is muted as standard and doesn't offer the M Sport style from factory.


BMW 330i - Cobra Sport Performance Exhausts


By taking inspiration from the legendary M3, Cobra Sport's all-new quad exit performance exhaust for the G20 3 Series has put the 'Sport' back in M Sport. The all-new performance exhaust setup is available with a choice of stainless steel and carbon fibre tailpipes which offer a classy and aggressive upgrade to the rear of the 3 Series and is designed to fit with the addition of the interchangeable quad exit M3 Style lower rear panel (available separately).

BMW 3 Series 320i / 330i Quad Tailpipe Exhaust Conversion

Cobra Sport's development team have also captured the motorsport heritage which runs through the veins of the 3 Series, by enhancing the sound throughout the rev range, introducing some much need drama and increasing the noise levels by +6.9dB at idle.

The subtle sound increase perfectly matches the 3 Series, giving it a 'jack of all trades' personality, giving passers-by a hint that this is no ordinary saloon, whilst being subtle and subdued on the motorway, making your 3 Series the ultimate stylish long distance cruiser.

Cobra Sport - BMW 3 Series G20


Like all Cobra Sport exhausts, this system utilises precision TIG-welding techniques for exemplary fit and finish – a feature that gives Cobra Sport an advantage over other manufacturers. With over 25 years in the performance exhaust industry, each Cobra Sport exhaust system is designed, manufactured and tested in Sheffield, the heart of the UK steel industry.

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