Available Now - Ford Focus ST 2.0 TDCi (MK3) 5 Door Estate

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Cobra Sport Ford Focus ST TDCi 5 Door

The Ford Focus ST TDCi Estate (2015) was always on the agenda to lend itself to a Cobra Sport exhaust upgrade, due to the massive success of the ST250 marques including the ST TDCi hatchback which received the Cobra Sport treatment soon after its release.

The Cobra Sport development team have continued the trend of using 3 bore stainless steel pipework in their latest Focus ST exhaust in order to gain the best results with regards to both power and sound.

The final ST TDCi estate development is available as a rear section replacement which enhanced the TDCI engine sound by a subtle 2 dB at three quarter revs, but has created a deeper overall tone. As expected there was an exceptional weight advantage, with the Cobra Sport exhaust being a massive 54% lighter than the original equipment exhaust thanks to the Venom system pipework which removed the need for a rear box.

The new Focus ST TDCi Estate exhaust has two tailpipe design options, one being the custom designed twin 4.5" x 3" slash cut oval and the other the twin 4 inward rolled slash-cut tailpipe. Both tip designs are available in a highly polished T304 Stainless finish and the 4" inward rolled option in also available in ceramic coated matt black.

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