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Ford Focus ST (Mk4) Cobra Sport GPF-Back Performance Exhaust

The Ford Focus ST has long been a favourite amongst hot hatch fans, especially in the UK, ever since the launch of the Mk1 ST170 back in 2002. The Mk2 ST moved Ford’s hot hatch game on even further in 2005 when they fitted it with a thundering 2.5 5-Cylinder engine. And in 2012, despite losing a cylinder and half a litre of capacity to its predecessor, the Mk3 still sold in the thousands.

Every generation of Focus ST has had seemingly limitless tuning potential thanks to their horsepower-hungry engines and playful handling characteristics. Cobra Sport have enjoyed enormous success in this field, with their performance exhausts for both the Mk2 and Mk3 Focus STs being amongst the best-selling systems in the market.

Ford Focus ST Mk4 Turbo Back Exhaust Upgrade - Sports Cat Downpipe Exhaust by Cobra SportAiming to replicate this success, Cobra Sport are proud to announce their latest product range for the Ford Focus ST Mk4. Over the past few months, their R&D team have been hard at work developing an extensive range of performance exhaust systems that will cater to the needs of any fast Ford enthusiast.

Cobra Sport opted for 3" 76.2mm stainless steel pipework which is larger than most on the market for the biggest upgrade in terms of performance, flow rate and sound levels. The free flowing Cobra Sport exhaust setup will open up the future tuning possibilities of the Mk4 Focus ST.

The Focus ST Mk4 performance exhaust configuration options are as follows:  

  • GPF Back – Pipework attaching to the Gasoline Particulate Filter and continuing to the rear of the vehicle. (Factory Catalytic Converter and GPF retained)
  • Cat Back – Pipework attaching the Catalytic Converter and continuing to the rear of the vehicle. (Factory Catalytic Converter retained but deleting the GPF - ECU Remap Required)
  • Turbo Back – Pipework attaching to the Turbocharger via a Downpipe (Sports Catalyst and De-Cat options both available) and continuing to the rear of the vehicle. (Factory Catalytic Converter and GPF deleted allowing for the smoothest possible flow of exhaust gas and sound upgrade - ECU Remaps required)
  • GPF Delete - Pipework to remove the GPF Filter only - ECU Remap Required)


During the design stages, Cobra Sport made sure that all of the configurations are interchangeable so customers can add to their system over the coming years. We imagine most will start with the GPF Back configuration which can be fitted without the need for any engine tuning as it keeps the stock catalyst and GPF in place (MOT compliant). Adding a GPF delete section would create the Cat Back setup and for those going down the tuning route can add a high flow Sports Catalyst or De-Cat front pipe to create a full turbo back setup.

Also available in the range is Cobra Sport's unique ‘Venom’ range. For those who want a further improve sound levels, the Venom exhaust removes the rear silencer to offer the biggest sound increase whilst keeping a sporty exhaust tone  (+8.5db in GPF Back Venom configuration with weight saving of 2.75kg).

Like all Cobra Sport exhausts, the Mk4 Focus ST exhausts are TIG-welded from high-quality T304 stainless steel and the mandrel-bent pipework is a full 3in (76.2mm) in diameter for maximum sound and tuning potential.

With over 25 years in the performance exhaust industry, each Cobra Sport exhaust system is designed, manufactured and tested in Sheffield, the heart of the UK steel industry. Cobra Sport utilise TIG-welding techniques to ensure a flawless finish and quality that you can rely on.

For further information please view our product page - Ford Focus ST (Mk4) Performance Exhausts

Ford Focus ST Mk4 Venom GPF Back Exhaust
Ford Focus ST Mk4 Rear Box CAD Drawing
Ford Focus ST Mk4 Exhaust Tailpipe