Cobra Sport unleash the Venom of the Astra J VXR

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Vauxhall Astra J VXR Venom Exhaust

Cobra Sport have expanded on their range of performance exhausts for the Vauxhall Astra J VXR by creating a Venom exhaust system which features simplified rear pipework for the ultimate improvements in both sound and performance.

The OE system has been replaced with mandrel bent 3" (76.2mm) bore T304 stainless steel pipework and is manufactured in Sheffield with beautifully bent pipework in place of the usual rear box to smooth gas flow and maximise possible performance gains.

The simplified pipework of the Venom system has been designed to create an unrivalled deep sporty sound which will set the Astra J VXR ahead of the crowd. Sound testing of the finished Venom exhaust system when matched with additional first and second de-cat front pipes recorded an impressive 98db on the sound meter @ 4000rpm with a sound track which becomes highly aggressive under load.

As with the other Astra J VXR exhaust systems in the Cobra Sport range, the Venom system is finished with dual twin tailpipes which have been designed to subtly fit within the Astra's built in stainless steel exhaust outlets. The system is manufactured with 3" (76.2mm) pipework which splits to two 2.25/50.8mm arms.

The intricate pipework bends and resonated centre section of the Venom exhaust system maintain the necessary back pressure within the system.

Matt Thomas, Sales Manager at Cobra Sport offers his verdict on the Astra J VXR upgrade “Our new Venom exhaust is the ultimate upgrade for those looking for a quality of sound which beats any other system currently on the market. Following the success of our Venom exhausts for other vehicles in our range, we knew that the Venom system for the Astra J VXR would be a great match for the 2.0 turbocharged engine creating a sound which drew large crowds when demonstrated at the recent Performance Vauxhall Show".

As always Cobra Sport are willing to back up their promises on quality, with a lifetime guarantee for customers who purchase the exhaust upgrade. Usual refinements include, hand finishing using advanced TIG welding techniques and all Grade 304 stainless pipework being formed expertly on CNC Mandrel bending machines, which ensures the smoothest of gas flow, with precision jig manufacturing to ensure a perfect fit.

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