Honda Civic Type R FK2 2.0 Turbo VTEC Performance Exhaust Systems

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Honda Civic Type R Performance Exhausts

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Cobra Sport have now completed the development of a full range of performance exhausts for the new Honda Civic Type R FK2.

The new FK2 Civic has been into the workshop previously for the initial design stages and the completion of an initial exhaust test system, which was taken to the Nurburgring for full track testing. Feedback from the test system has been analysed by our research and development team and they have now made the final tweaks the system to ensure the new exhaust does the Type R justice.

The new Honda Civic Type R features a brand new 2.0-litre four cylinder direct injection VTEC Turbo engine which generates as standard 306 bhp at 6500rpm and 295lb ft of torque at 2500rpm.

These figures lead to an impressive 0-62mph time of only 5.7 seconds. The 306bhp Japanese hot hatch is reported to be the best front wheel drive Type R to ever be released. Featuring a six speed manual gearbox along with proper mechanical LSD the Type R is sure to become a modern legend.

The Cobra Sport Exhaust systems for the Type R have been developed in a number of configurations to appeal to a wide range of buyer requirements. The new cat back exhaust systems are available with either resonated or non resonated centre sections to suit buyers looking to improve and deepen the exhaust tone whilst staying within a similar decibel range for comfort within the cabin. Along with the cat-back systems we are able to offer the ultimate upgrade for the Civic Type R with a number of configurations for a full turbo back exhaust systems taking the Type R to the next level in terms of both sound and possible power output. We were keen to improve on the standard soundtrack. During the design stages we were keen to put this right straight away by enriching the sound produced by the 2.0 turbo Honda VTEC engine creating a vibrant and pitch perfect exhaust tone to match the strong styling of the Civic.

The aggressive styling of the Civic Type R has been complemented beautifully by the 4 twin tailpipes available in a highly polished stainless steel finish.

The bore size of the mandrel bent stainless steel pipework has been increased to 3" (76.3mm) to significantly increase flow rate and produce a deeper, more vibrant sound. Rolling road testing of the completed resonated cat back system revealed a +6.2 increase in bhp along with an impressive +26.7 lb-ft of torque taking the Civic Type R to the next level. Feedback from early FK2 Civic Type R owners and long term test journalists has been that the sound track as standard direct from the factory doesn't match the aggressive styling of the bodywork having been described as 'not tuneful' and 'not nice to listen to'.

This is something that were keen to put right straight away by enriching the sound produced by the 2.0 turbo Honda VTEC engine creating a really vibrant and aggressive exhaust tone which is something the Civic Type R really deserves.

The aggressive styling of the Civic will be complemented beautifully by a choice of 4 twin tailpipe options available with a highly polished stainless or 'Blackout' ceramic coated finish.