June - Spectacular Power Hike for Audi S3 (8P) with new Cobra Sport Performance Exhaust

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Delivering an even harder performance edge to Audi's brilliant S3 is the new Cobra Sport performance exhaust with staggering 24% and 26% increases in power and torque respectively. Cobra Sport's testing showed that the standard OE system produced a more than healthy 259 bhp. However, with the Cobra Sport Turbo Back System with de-cat, including the mandatory re-map, the figure increases to 321.5 bhp, which is a massive 24% gain. Similarly, torque increases from 249 ft per lb / 337.5 Nm to 314 ft per lb / 425 Nm, a gain of 26%. The outstanding power results are complimented by a significant increased weight advantage, the Cobra Sport Cat Back System weighing in at just 17.7 kg, which is 32.5% less than the OE system's 26.24 kg.

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