Available now - Vauxhall Corsa E 1.4 Turbo Sport Exhausts

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Vauxhall Corsa E 1.4 Turbo Cobra Sport Exhaust

Building on the success of the recent Cobra Sport exhaust systems for the Vauxhall Corsa E VXR, the Cobra Sport team have created a range of exhaust systems to improve the looks, performance and sound of the sporty Corsa E 1.4 Turbo.

The new 2.5" (63.5mm) stainless steel performance exhaust systems for the Corsa E 1.4 Turbo create the vibrant pitch perfect sound that Cobra Sport systems have become widely known for. The resonated cat back system has an increased sound level of +21db and for those looking for the most dynamic sound, the Venom cat back system increases levels by +25db recording 79db during the stationary 4,000rpm sound test. Interior sound levels have remained similar to the OEM system with both cat back systems adding +3db to the highest in cabin reading with the road tests recording a maximum figure of 79db under full load.

The Cobra Sports exhaust systems for the Corsa E 1.4 Turbo are now available in a choice of cat back configurations to suit your chosen looks and sound.

The new systems are all manufactured in 2.5" (63.5mm) T304 stainless steel with mandrel bent pipework and are available as a resonated cat back or a louder Venom cat back system. The Venom system removes the rear silencer for improved tone and increased sound levels.

The resonated cat back exhaust system gives an impressive 18% weight saving over the OEM system weighing in at only 12.26kg. To complement the styling of the Corsa E 1.4 Turbo, the stainless steel exhausts are finished in a choice of highly polished T304 stainless steel tailpipe styles ranging from 3.5" to 4.5" in diameter.

Matt Thomas, Sales Manager at Cobra Sport says “Improving the sound over the quiet OEM system was top of the agenda during the development process. By creating a true cat back system for the Corsa we have created a system with a much deeper tone and have subtly increased the sound levels to give the car the sporty sound track it deserves".

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