Available Now - Vauxhall Corsa E VXR Performance Exhausts

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Vauxhall Corsa E VXR Cobra Sport Performance Exhaust

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Building on the success of our hugely popular performance exhaust systems for the previous Corsa D VXR and VXR Nurburgring, we were keen to get our hands on a development vehicle to begin the design process for a new range of sports exhaust systems for the Corsa E VXR.

The new Corsa E VXR has been hotly anticipated and boasts performance stats to rival any of the recently released hot hatches. With a published 0-60mph time of only 6.8 seconds and a top speed of 143mph the Corsa VXR packs more power than ever from its 1.6 litre turbocharged engine. With just over 200bhp and 181lb ft of torque, the sporty 1.6 turbo engine is sure to be a popular choice for those looking for affordable performance. Our Research and development team set out to create a range of systems looking to create impressive performance gains and to create the vibrant sound that the Cobra Sport systems have become widely known for.

To complement the aggressive styling of the Corsa E VXR, our stainless steel exhausts are finished in a choice of 4" tailpipes in a range of slash cut styles including our new 'Blackout' ceramic coated option. Our sports exhaust systems for the Corsa E VXR are now available in a range of configurations to suit your chosen looks and sound. We were keen to create a series of direct fit aftermarket exhaust systems to cater for the many tastes and requirements of the end user.

The new systems are manufactured in 3 (76.2mm) T304 stainless steel with mandrel bent pipework and are available in both cat back and full turbo back exhaust configurations. Each of the systems have the option for resonated or non-resonated sections. For those looking at full system and maximum performance gains, a choice of either a high flow sports catalyst or de-cat front section are available to complete the full turbo back system.

Early feedback from the first customers to receive their exhaust system for the Corsa E VXR is proving to be incredibly positive and we are excited to have released the systems for the new Corsa VXR after the success and respect the Cobra Sport brand enjoyed with the previous Corsa VXR models.